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Our patent-pending, water-saving showerhead is the complete opposite of a majority of showerheads on the market today. Our product is fully-recyclable and made from corrosion-resistant aerospace-grade aluminum material.

Our showerhead uses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute while delivering a high-pressure shower experience. Other low flow showerheads on the market use a restrictor plate and can only achieve 2.0 gallons of water per minute but they compromise water pressure to achieve this low flow rate. Many users remove the restrictor plate to increase the water pressure but are then using 2.5 gallons of water per minute or more!

Our design is based on simplicity and low maintenance, while providing customizable color options to coordinate with other bathroom fixtures. Each showerhead goes through an anodizing process, which, coupled with the aerospace-grade aluminum, provides an extremely durable, almost impossible to break, showerhead. 

Hard water buildup has little effect on our product, and even if it’s present, the showerhead continues to provide the same shower experience time after time.  To top it off, our product allows infinite water pattern adjustments, tailored to individual needs.

Our showerhead is so unique, so customizable, and so durable that we are miles and miles apart from our competitors.  And all our products are proudly built in the U.S.A!!


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Couldn't believe the pressure!

I've have low pressure at the house and couldn't find a showerhead that would deliver a high-pressure shower. Not any more! I love my new showerhead and am thrilled to be saving water and money! Thanks Samson Shower!

Marge, Colorado

Didn't believe the water savings....

We were skeptical on how much water we would save, but we are now a believer. We have seen a 30% reduction in our water consumption and water bill. Great product!

Randy, Missouri

So tired of plastic showerheads

We've gone through so many plastic showerheads and were tired of them clogging and breaking. Not anymore. We love the all-metal design and the various colors we can choose from.

DS, California

We love the New2U program!!

We opted in for the 12-month New2U program and love it! No more cleaning (and destroying) our plastic showerheads. We just open our mailbox and there's a New2U showerhead! And returning the old one is easy and FREE!!

Doug P, New Jersey