Get to know more about Samson Shower Systems and our all-metal, water-saving shower head systems

It all started years ago as an idea. You know, some ideas are so far ahead of their time that they don’t catch on. People like it but are not interested in the application. Resources appear to be abundant and there is no thinking about preserving for the future.  The world population is still small in comparison and this so-called idea is cast aside like so many during the time.

Fast forward 50 years. Business travel has become commonplace.  More and more travelers are staying overnight between customer meetings. Families are traveling for vacations and staying at hotels along the way. International travel has increased due to the low cost of flying and increased household spending money. Hotels are being built at an unbelievable pace just to keep up with demand. The world population continues to increase at a rate of 1.1% and people need residential places to call home.  The strain on ecological resources is becoming more and more severe.

Fifty years ago, water conservation was talked about, but was not really put into practice. However, today it’s not just a topic of conversation, but a real-life issue that is front and center. Water restrictions are in place in many states and people are now looking for ways to help save this precious resource.  Manufacturers have focused on products which consume less water, are cheap to produce and readily available across the globe.  However, not always does this lead to increased customer and consumer satisfaction.  Far too often, the focus to quickly bring a product to market overshadows the social responsibility to save resources across the board.  Yes, the products save water, but the products are cheaply made, break during installation, clog easily during use and continue to fill our landfills with waste when the product is no longer wanted. 

Here at Samson Shower Systems, we have taken a holistic approach to our shower solutions.  From the initial design concept, we have focused on the entire product lifecycle and ecological impact to ensure we are part of the global natural resource solution and not the problem.  Our products use advanced engineering to optimize resource consumption, provide users with a shower experience they want to tell others about and focus on reuse / recycling in lieu of creating landfill waste.  

Our most popular product is a shower head that fills the gap between an ultra-low water consumption shower head and a showerhead that offers adjustable spray patterns.  We provide a unique shower experience, where the user can feel confident they are helping conserve precious water while at the same time selecting an infinite number of shower spray patterns based on their mood or need.  Our design alleviates the main issue our competition faces, in that it reduces the impact of hard water buildup on surfaces to the user’s shower experience.

We have designed and developed a water savings shower head that is fully-recyclable and made from a corrosion resistant aerospace-grade aluminum metal material. Our design is based on simplicity and low maintenance, while providing customizable options to coordinate with other bathroom fixtures. Our product allows infinite water pattern adjustments, tailored to individual needs. We not only save families and businesses money, but we help save the world from depleting precious natural resources.  Our patent-pending design uses 1.5 gallons of water per minute, boosts the water pressure to provide a high pressure shower experience, and our New2U program allows users the ability prevent waste and conserve natural resources.  

Say goodbye to the days of showers with no water pressure. Say goodbye to the days of shower heads that spray in all directions due to clogged nozzles. And say goodbye to the days of a lackluster shower experience. Say Hello! to the EcoJetStream!