Frequently Asked Questions regarding our water-saving shower systems

  • How do I adjust the spray pattern?
    • Our EcoJetStream shower head boasts a simple process for adjusting the spray pattern.  Just simply rotate the outer detail clockwise to tighten the spray pattern or counter-clockwise to increase the spray pattern.  If the outer detail is turned approximately ¼ of a turn counter-clockwise, you will get our patent-pending pulsating shower spray.  Our customers have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing massage on their neck or the back of their head.  And best of all, with any of the spray patterns selected, you are still only using 1.5 gallons of water per minute, saving precious water resources.
  • What if my water pressure is low?  Will this showerhead work for me?
    • Our EcoJetStream shower head is designed perfectly for water pressures anywhere from 30-40 psi.  We have had some customers say they can still get a good shower with water pressures below 30 psi.  We’d refer you to our Product Testimonials to read what satisfied customers have said about the EcoJetStream shower head.
  • What if I have high water pressure (>60 psi)?  Can I still use this shower head since it increases the water pressure?
    • Actually, yes you can still use our shower head.  We would recommend the “high inlet water pressure” EcoJetStream shower head, as it has been customized for high inlet water pressure.  We are in the process of developing a patented and integrated pressure reducing valve which will allow all users the ability to customize their shower experience for any inlet water pressure.  But until then, please order the “high inlet water pressure” EcoJetStream shower head.  If you have questions, please contact us at
  • How can I measure the water pressure in my shower?
    • That is a great question and one that most people are not familiar with.  We’ve created a quick video to demonstrate how to do this.

A pressure gage is all that is needed and can be purchased at your local home improvement store or online through numerous resellers.  Unscrew your current shower head (watch out for the water exiting the shower pipe!).  Wrap Teflon tape around the threads from the wall pipe to prevent water leakage during the test.  Make sure to wrap the tape in a clockwise fashion to prevent the tape from coming off during pressure gage installation.  Screw the pressure gage to the wall pipe, but don’t overtighten the gage as you may damage the wall pipe thread.  Turn the water on full and read the gage.  That’s it!  You now can tell your friends your shower water pressure. 

  • What if I want a color that isn’t shown on your webpage?
    • We can offer the EcoJetStream shower head in almost any color you can think of.  We use the AMS-STD-595 color wheel to select our colors.  You can find images of each color on the internet or buy the entire color wheel should you choose.  Just do a quick search for AMS-STD-595 colors, and select Images.  If you see a color in the chart or have your own color, please contact us at  We can accommodate any color, but a surcharge will be added for the custom order.  Just contact us and we will discuss it further.
  • How does the “New2U” work?
    • We are excited to showcase our “New2U” program.  In a nutshell, at a pre-determined frequency (usually 12 months) selected during checkout, you will receive a completely refurbished and New2U shower head.  It will have all new seals and will have been thoroughly cleaned using our proprietary cleaning process.  Each New2U shower head comes with the same shower performance guarantee and will be provided at a reduced cost compared to a new shower head.  Once you receive the New2U shower head, you will simply box up the old shower head in the supplied packaging, use the pre-paid shipping label, and drop it off in your mailbox, free of charge.  We'll do the rest!  Here at Samson Shower Systems, we believe in "Dig it out of the ground one time, and use it for a lifetime."
  • What if I want to change colors of the shower head?
    • You have two options available.  You can purchase a new shower head, choosing the color you'd like from the list of color options shown on the product page.  Or you can sign up for our “New2U” program and (7) days prior to the next exchange, contact us at requesting the new color be shipped instead of the current color.  A small price increase may be added to the existing program charge for the color exchange and this will be communicated prior to making the change.