Desert Willow Fishnet Shower Head

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We've listened to you, our customer base, and are excited to announce our new shower head lineup.  This shower head was derived from customer feedback and maintains our commitment to sustainability.  The shower head continues to boast 1.5 gallons of water per minute while increasing the pressure, utilizes the same ease of use by simply turning the shower head clockwise to experience the range of spray patterns, and includes our patent-pending pulsating spray pattern.

Many people have asked where the name "Desert Willow" comes from.  In Texas, there is a beautiful flowering tree that thrives in hot weather and needs very little water to survive.  The fragrant flowers it produces are attractive to every pollenating insect out there, which brings life to many other life-giving flowers, trees, and food sources.  The tree is easy to care for and, with very little maintenance, will continue to grow and produce beauty and sustenance for years.  We saw this tree and said "that describes our shower head perfectly!!"  It's funny how sustainability comes full circle....we are saving the earth one drop of water at a time and the earth has rewarded us with our new product name!!

Like all our shower heads, this shower head is 100% made in the USA and is an all-metal design.  We use a corrosion-resistant aerospace-grade aluminum material which has been anodized to the colors shown.  All elements of the product are fully-recyclable, preventing landfill waste.  This new design is stout, coming in around 12 ounces in total weight.  There is no issue with any wall connections though, as there is not enough weight to be of any concern.  You will be getting a long-lasting and well-designed shower head!

While we currently offer the Fishnet design, we have more standard designs coming.  However, with this design, we are now offering custom designs (minimum order quantity and deposit required).  

The picture shown is our prototype but the exterior of the shower head has been fixed and won't change, and we are working the engraving now and a couple other engineering items at this time.  We are planning to launch as fast as we can, so please subscribe to our page for updates, as we will be formalizing the release via our webpage.