Shrinking Water Levels Support Need for Water Conservation Efforts

If you're a resident of one of the (7) states which depend on the mighty Colorado River to supply your water, you already know the dire water situation you're facing.  For those who are not aware, the Colorado River is drying an astonishing rate! This is caused by increased water usage due to increased water demand, coupled with an extreme drought.  The issue has become so severe, the federal government has mandated the (7) states come up with a solution to save 2 to 4 million acre-feet of water.  To put that into perspective, two households of (4) people use 1 acre-feet of water in an entire year.  These states have to come up with water reduction / saving measures to conserve what 8 million to 32 million people use in 1 year.  That's astonishing!!  These states are struggling to determine a solution to this problem.

The good news is part of the solution has already been solved for them.  It's the EcoJetStream showerhead.  Our patented low-flow, high-pressure, all-metal showerhead has one of the lowest water use rates on the market but delivers a high-pressure stream that nobody else can match.  Our showerhead uses an astonishing low 1.5 gallons of water per minute but doesn't compromise on water pressure.  Over the course of the year, the EcoJetStream showerhead can save one person over 3,500 gallons of water a year, depending on the number of showers taken and time in the shower.  Think what would happen if 32 million people saved 3,500 gallons of water a year!  What could be done with the water savings?  Water precious farmland to feed growing populations?  Allow production of electricity via hydroelectric plants?  Protect our wildlife for future generations to enjoy?  

Visit our product page to view the showerhead for yourself and read the product testimonials from actual customers.  We promise, once you try the EcoJetStream, you won't want to take a shower with any other showerhead again. 

Save Water, Save Money, Save the World!

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