How to check your shower water pressure at home

Since our all-metal, high pressure, low flow shower head, the EcoJetStream, increases your water pressure while consuming 1.5 gallons of water per minute, we’ve been asked how a person would go about checking their house shower water pressure to see if the EcoJetStream will work for them.  

The good news is that the EcoJetStream is perfectly suited for all types of water pressures.  The even better news, determining your shower pressure is actually a pretty simple process once you get the right items. 

You’ll need to get a pressure gage that reads from 0 psi (pounds per square inch) to 100 psi.  Most homes will never exceed 100 psi as that puts too much stress on your water pipes.  You can find these type gages at any big box store or online.

If your gage doesn’t come equipped with an adapter for your shower wall pipe, you’ll need to make sure and pick one of those up as well.  Currently the standard thread for shower fixtures is 1/2" NPT so make sure your adapter has this thread.  Like in the pressure gages, you can find this at any big box store or online.

We have a great video which shows the process for installing the gage to the wall pipe and checking the water pressure.  Just follow this link to the video and subscribe to our channel to keep informed on other news.

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