Does your showerhead constantly clog due to mineral deposits?

How often are you taking your showerhead off the wall or off the handheld sprayer and cleaning all the tiny water ports to remove mineral deposits or sediment?  Does it aggravate you to step into your shower and immediately be hit in the eye by the "random" stream of water from a clogged water port?  

Look no further, as our showerheads do not clog.  We've been testing and using our showerheads for years now in hard water conditions and we just can't get them to clog due to our patent-pending design.  While there is NO showerhead that will prevent mineral deposits, our showerheads will not have those deposits interfere at all with the shower performance.  And the best news is that with simple cleaning, the showerhead will literally last for decades!  

Wouldn't you like to say goodbye to clogged showerheads that constantly frustrate you and ultimately end up in the landfill contributing to waste?  

Check out our line of showerheads and say hello to the last showerhead you'll ever need!!

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