Does your property have low water pressure?

Have you tried many different showerheads over the years and are still looking for a showerhead that will boost your the low pressure at your property?

There's nothing worse than taking a shower in low water pressure conditions.  First, it takes a very long time to get any shampoo, conditioner or soap off and then you spend so much time in the shower that you are late to engagements.  You are frustrated when you should be energized, rejuvenated and refreshed after a shower!!

Our EcoJetStream showerheads deliver high pressure, while consuming little water.  We have designed a showerhead that works at pressures as low as 30psi while still delivering a strong spray.  Our various spray patterns, including patent-pending pulsating spray pattern, still work at these pressures as well. 

Please look over our product line and contact us for our "low pressure" showerhead design.  We are confident that once you try our showerhead lineup, you will never go back to anything else.

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