Kickstarter Campaign Is Now Live!

We are very excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign to aid in the development and product launch of a newly designed shower head as well as a handheld shower!

Both products will to draw upon the all-metal, fully recyclable and sustainable design aspects of our current products, and will continue to achieve the boosted pressure and patent-pending spray pattern. The goal of the campaign is to help increase our worldwide impact on saving our precious raw material and water resources.

Through our early prototyping and proof of concept, we've been able to achieve the same or even better water consumption performance, while not compromising the shower experience.  

Can we count on your support? Please follow the link below to view many more details regarding the project and how you can help contribute to saving our world's precious resources for future generations.  We will be updating our Kickstarter, webpage and Facebook pages with project status.  Please save the Kickstarter page or subscribe to our webpage or Facebook page to receive project updates as they are posted.

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